Employee Wellbeing

At Studio Space we believe the real health of a company should not be judged on bottom line profits but by the health and wellbeing of its employees.


  • Sickness and presenteeism costs British businesses £77 billion per annum.

  • ‘Workplaces that have physical activity programmes to support employees to move more during the working day have shown to increase staff satisfaction, improve the workplace environment and reduce staff absenteeism.’

…and we’re here to help!

We can tailor a bespoke class format to fit your business.

We can create a class programme to suit a small business or a large business with over a thousand employees, on one or more of your sites.

There are several options to consider:

Company paid schemes

We can operate on a fixed daily rate in which we will set up in a spare area or meeting room and conduct group classes throughout the day. This may be before, during lunch or after working hours.

Flexible benefits schemes

Another way to fund the programme is through tax legislation. This allows employees to pay for their classes through salary sacrifice.

Employee Paid

Finally, the employee can pay for the class themselves but will still receive the added benefit of being on site and not having to travel to a local centre.

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