We offer a range of different classes for every level, and each class is capped so everyone can get the individual attention they need.


Group Cycle Express 30

A 30 minute high intensity class to get your heart rate going with sprint intervals and challenging climbs. A quick ride for those with places to go.

Group Cycle 45

This non-impact class has the same health benefits as a regular cycling class with an added metabolic boost to accelerate fat loss. The 45 minute class incorporates flat road, hills and sprint tracks choreographed to music. Guaranteed to burn the calories and get endorphins flowing.

Stretch and Tone

Working your stomach, glutes, legs and arms, Stretch and Tone exercise classes will work your muscles, improving your strength and flexibility. Stretch and Tone is an effective full-body workout in a relaxed setting.

Stretch and Tone is about so much more than improving movement and flexibility though. It is the perfect way to wind down, relax and de-stress



Increase core strength and shape lean and toned abdominals with scientifically-developed core workouts.